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EU broadband gap policy working group: BRESAT
Adroit Economics is a member of a European Commission broadband policy advisory group – BRESAT, coordinated by Avanti. 

BRESAT is responsible for helping the Commission develop broadband policy for the parts of regions that are unlikely to have decent terrestrial broadband by 2020


….latest broadband mapping exercises suggest that up to 20% of the EU28 population will be outside fixed line broadband at 2020 and through to 2030 – we don’t see the whole gap being closed at this stage…Oliver Johnson, CEO, Point Topic…


BRESAT’s expertise


BRESAT comprises a UK technical support team; EU region’s interested in addressing broadband gaps; and European Commission officials in an advisory capacity


BRESAT’s technical support team comprises


  • Avanti – experts in satellite broadband technology, costs and deployment

  • Point Topic – experts in mapping gaps in terrestrial broadband coverage and services

  • Adroit Economics – experts in economic impact modelling, project appraisal cost benefit analysis

  • BIS (UK Space Agency) – communications and marketing team



BRESAT’s role


BRESAT’s role was to review examples of policies/ initiatives implemented to address broadband gaps by regions; to suggest best practice policy options to the Commission; to provide information, supporting data, methodologies and tools for regions to use to appraise and secure funding for broadband gap projects.  BRESAT has achieved this, arguably going beyond its brief

BRESAT has delivered policy recommendations that have been approved by the European Commission, tools, data and guidance to help regions develope and fund their own broadband gap projectjs
Online broadband coverage mapping tool

 Point Topic

EU28 broadband gap economic impact model

Adroit Economics and Point Topic

SME broadband economic impact survey programme for regions

Adroit Economics and Point Topic

Satellite broadband cost benefit models and free online cost benefit calculator for regions

Adroit Economics

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