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Satellite broadband cost benefit models and free online cost benefit calculator for regions

Adroit Economics has developed cost benefit models, including a free cost benefit calculator for regions to use to assist them in apparising satellite broadband projects


The models are designed to appraise the satellite broadband programme recommendations provided by BRESAT – the voucher and the voucher plus scheme.These are both demand-side approaches that subsidise connection charges and monthly tariffs to drive take up.

We have developed two levels of model

  • A high level assesment (avaliable as a free online tool)

  • A fully detailed assesment

Cost Benifit Analysis app

The cost benefit calculator is available on this website.  The fully detailed cost benefit model is available on request from Adroit subject to agreement to cover technical support costs – contact


The model estimates the net economic benefits of addressing broadband gaps; the model provides a mechanism for estimating the costs of implementing a voucher plus scheme; and the model concludes with an estimate of the return on investment (RoI). 


The model is designed to help regions develop and appraise voucher plus policy options. 


The model is available in two forms.  A high level and a fully detailed level. 


The high level version is available as a free easy-to-use online calculator tool.  The tool provides a high level estimate of the benefits, the costs and the return on investment of proposed voucher plus schemes.  It is ideal for rapid comparison of options.   To use the tool, all you have to do is enter the country your region is in, the target broadband speed and the number of SMEs and Households in your target area.  The results from the tool are intended as an initial guide but the analysis is not detailed enough to support a full project appraisal.  The tool is based on a much more detailed broadband cost benefit model developed for all broadband projects by Adroit Economics.  The full version has been designed to meet the requirements of a full project appraisal.   Use of the detailed model is available on request subject to agreement to cover the cost of technical support from Adroit Economics and Point Topic.  The detailed tool requires a degree of expertise to use.  If you would like to discuss using the more detailed cost benefit tool, please contact Adroit Economics

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