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Science, Technology Transfer and Commercialisation

The UK has a strong science base – in academia, in industry and in Government funded research facilities.  Research, development and commercialisation continue to provide the UK economy and its regions with exciting growth potential – not least in Graphene (see Adroit study for Greater Manchester).


Successive governments continue to make science commercialisation a priority area for policy and provide research funding, technology transfer and commercialisation support, enabling Universities in collaboration with industry to develop and commercialise new materials, new processes, new products and services.


The Adroit team and our partners have developed new methods for evaluating the impact of research council funding; we have helped develop business plans, appraise and evaluate dedicated science and technology research centres, campus expansions and new science and technology parks; team members have evaluated Government funded research laboratories, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and innovation support programmes


Value added we bring to this policy field:

  • 20 years’ experience of science parks, technology parks, thematic parks such as medi-parks and technology support centres, across the UK, wider Europe and internationally

  • Developed a suite of models and appraisal tools which can be applied to proposed schemes – see below

  • Library of case studies of science parks, technology corridors, technology quarters, in the UK, wider Europe and internationally

  • Team members have worked for/with a number of UK universities, advising on campus expansion/ consolidation, technology transfer and commercialisation

  • Our knowledge of economic development combined with our knowledge of science and technology commercialisation means we are well placed to help cities develop science-focussed inward investment strategies i.e. our recent assignment for Greater Manchester and MIDAS in advanced materials, including an inward investment strategy for Graphene

  • Specialists within the Adroit network are leaders in appraisal and evaluation of the economic impact of research council and other funded research in particular sectors – agri-foods, bioscience, physical and engineering sciences for example

  • Specialists within the Adroit network are/have been involved in national evaluations of Government funded schemes – KTNs, Govt network of research laboratories for example


Specialist models and research tools developed by the Adroit team:

  • Suite of tools designed to estimate the current and future potential impact of science parks/ research parks

  • Specialist models developed to estimate the economic impacts of research funding in specific areas of science

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