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Welcome to Adroit Economics


Adroit was established by Dr Steve Sheppard in 2005 to work for central and local government, universities and other research organisations, developers, investors and industry. The majority of our work, to date, is UK focussed, with selected international assignments...but much of our UK work involves benchmarking against European and global competition, or promoting the UK globally.



Dr Steve Sheppard, managing director
Steve has a PhD from the University of Cambridge in the fields of economic development and regeneration. He has worked in industry, academia and consultancy establishing a wealth of experience and knowledge in these fields over the last 25 years. His professional background comprises a hybrid mix of economics, technology, real-estate development, land use planning, social policy and politics - enabling him to see a problem from several different perspectives.



Our Mission
Our mission is to provide high quality research and analysis to enable our clients to make informed choices....and where required, to help our clients make difficult choices through providing innovative and creative advice.



Our teams and their expertise

Adroit Economics offers an unusual, flexible business model and team structure:


  • We have a small core

  • But are able to call on a large network of experts and other trusted associates


...this enables us to create highly experienced teams that provide the precise combinations of expertise required for each assignment.


  • Our teams are typically multi-disciplinary in nature

  • They typically included industry experts, academics and personnel leading in their respective fields


Above all, we work in a highly collaborative and creative way.


For more information contact:

Garden in Sydney
Opera House at Sunset

Specialists in the fields of local, regional and national economic development and regeneration

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