A new approach to increased productivity in local economies - for LEPs and local authorities


LEPs need to prioritise objectives and projects, demonstrating which will generate the most benefits…but in many cases without all the information they need to do this.


The Adroit local economy productivity and growth model will help provide key information, quickly. The model shows how much growth can be achieved by addressing different policy areas. This information will help LEPs identify and justify policy priorities and projects



Adroit Economics in conjunction with our recommended service delivery partners, are in a unique position, able to create, quickly, a high-level economic growth model for your area.



  • The model will identify the factors that will make your firms more competitive, tell you how much additional productivity and growth is achievable and show you what to focus on to unlock this

  • Thus the model asks and answers the real bottom line questions for your area's economic growth strategy – namely what can be done to make your firms more competitive

  • The model puts numbers of each theme – telling you how much additional £mGVA can be unlocked and estimates what this means in terms of additional jobs

  • This will help you prioritise policy and activities; it will help you prioritise further research

  • The model works for an individual local authority or at the level of a LEP

  • We can deliver the model quickly, within 3-weeks of commissioning

  • This is only possible because

    • We can draw on 30 years of local economic modelling experience – and on existing models of key themes developed by Adroit over the last two years working for Government Departments, the Sector Skills Councils, city and local authorities and other clients

    • Our model is also able to draw on unique data and intelligence provided by our potential service delivery partners: key Sector Skills Councils (e-skills UK, Cogent), the British Library's national Business & IP Centre support team, the Cambridge University innovation team, EC Harris's residential, infrastructure and energy teams.